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GCG Associates, Inc.


Senior Project Engineer

Susan Harrington has been with GCG Associates, Inc. since 2010 and currently holds the title of Senior Project Engineer. Since joining GCG Associates, Inc., Ms. Harrington has hd the opportunity to become involved in a significant amount of diverse projects including private site designs, infrastructure improvement projects and public housing authority projects. Project experiences include: site improvements, landscape design, rain gardens, subsurface sewage disposal systems, pump stations, sanitary sewers, small waste water treatment facilities, drainage systems, stormwater management facilities, residential subdivisions, site grading, municipal utilities and roadways. Ms. Harrington has also gained a significant amount of experience working on various types of projects with local housing authorities and the Department of Housing and Community Development (DHCH).

Registered Professional Engineer in MA
Licensed Soil Evaluator in MA   

B.S. in Civil Engineering
University of Massachusetts - Lowell , 2002